Weird News 050607
TOKYO, Japan - Over 8,000 items of stolen women's clothing was found in the apartment of a man who liked to sleep covered with it. (Reuters)

Weird News 170607
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - A teenager was rescued from a knife-wielding intruder because she quickly texted for help on her cell phone. (Reuters)

Weird News 200607
BERLIN, Germany - A squirrel savagely attacked three people in a German town before being killed. (Reuters)

Weird News 290607
OTTAWA, Canada - Air Canada will begin barring pets on passenger flights next month. (Reuters)

Weird News 010707
LAGOS, Nigeria - A charitable organization donated 300 laptops to a Nigerian school without electricity. (AFP)

Weird News 050707
HELEN, GA - A former Marine killed a 300-lb bear by throwing a log at it. (AP)

Weird News 060707
KINGSTOWN, NC - A 5-year-old boy heroically wrestled down a rabid fox, protecting other children and getting bitten in the process. (AP)

Weird News 080707
MELBOURNE, Australia - A condom manufacturing company is looking for 200 men and women to test the company's line of condoms. (AP)

Weird News 210907
CANON CITY, CO - A squad of 25 military paratroopers accidentally landed at a prison. (AP)

Weird News 050807
NEW YORK, NY - An ice cream truck outside a junior high school was caught selling marijuana and cocaine. (AP)

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